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It may be that your company needs to increase its credits. As a board member you want to be able to sleep well at night or as an owner you want to be sure that the business is governed appropriately, and that your financial interests in the company are taken care of properly. The audit is the tool for creating credibility and security in the financial information that the company discloses to stakeholders and authorities.

With a good understanding of your company and its challenges, the audit will be effective and the opportunities good to give suggestions for changes and improvements in your company’s processes and routines. With interest, knowledge and commitment, we contribute in a sustainable and responsible way with added value to your business.

An independent audit creates, among other things:

  • Reliability and credibility in the company’s official financial reports
  • An impartial review that the business complies with established directives
  • Security for shareholders and the board of directors
  • Increased confidence in those who want to do business with the company that can lead to better conditions for the company
  • Possibility of proactive risk and damage limitation
  • A simpler process for providing effective advice based on a holistic understanding of the business and the relationship with its owner

The statutory audit follows national and international codified auditing practice, which imposes given requirements on the auditor. The platform for our approach to successful auditing are based on mutual trust, honesty, uncomplicated dialogue and a respect for each other’s integrity and roles. We encourage digital solutions as much as possible to streamline the transfer of data and data for audit.

In addition to statutory audits, there is a pallet of reports and opinions that are included in our offer, for example:

  • Voluntary audit and review of financial reports
  • Audit and general review of sustainability reports
  • General review of balance sheet for liquidation purpose
  • Review by special agreement
  • Auditor’s report for law firms
  • Auditor’s opinion prescribed by the Swedish Companies Act

The purpose of audit is to create trust between the company and the company’s stakeholders. We submit a quality report regarding the company’s accounts, or other information that needs to be assured by an outside independent party. The most common is, of course, the auditor’s report that is attached to the company’s annual report, but it can also be other forms of auditor’s reports.

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